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The Surprising Health Fears I Hear From Women

Autumn in the northeast is a time when once green leaves change color — first brilliant and then muted shades of reds, oranges, yellows, and browns — and drift to the ground. Autumn seems a natural time to think about aging. Here in Western Massachusetts, October and November are marked by maturation and change, especially… Continue reading The Surprising Health Fears I Hear From Women

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Farmers’ Markets

If you live in the Connecticut River Valley, you know that it is an area rich in agriculture. During this harvest season, I’m feeling particularly grateful for the abundance of small farms that sell their produce at local farmers’ markets. No doubt you have one near you? I love to frequent farmers’ markets, and here’s… Continue reading Farmers’ Markets


Adjusting to the Darkening Days of Autumn

What does the autumn season bring to mind for you? How do the fall months make you feel? October, for me, marks the true start of autumn.  We’ve passed through the glorious Indian Summer of September. Now suddenly, as of October 1st, we’ve arrived in a new season. Overnight, daytime temperatures dropped dramatically, from 70s to 50s. Shorter… Continue reading Adjusting to the Darkening Days of Autumn