Special Opportunity for Women to Restore Health in the New Year

I want to tell you about some exciting news that might interest you or someone you know. During the first three months of 2018, I’ll be completing a certification program that I’ve been working towards for the last couple of years.

From January through March, my clients will benefit from the close mentoring that I’ll be receiving, as part of my certification process, from the leading expert in the field of functional nutrition and her team of seasoned practitioners.

If you’ve been struggling with low energy, digestive distress, or other on-going symptoms that get in your way, now is a great time to learn about what’s causing them and what you can do to turn around those intrusive issues.

I’ll have extra guidance for doing the detective work that I like to do, for uncovering clues to the mysteries of a client’s symptoms, and for helping her find solutions for her unique needs.

So if your health has been on your mind, and you wish you had a clue about what to do to feel your best, take advantage of this opportune chance to partner with a holistically-oriented health and nutrition practitioner. You’ll receive intensive, investigative, and solution-oriented support at a reduced rate.

Sign up before the end of this year (by Friday, December 29th) to receive a discount of 15% off my usual rate for individual coaching.

Give yourself the gift of feeling well in 2018!

If you’re nervous about making the investment right now, I understand. As appropriate, I’m willing to help find a way for you to get the help you need.

If you’d like to know more about this special opportunity for focused health support, please contact me with your questions and to set up a free consultation. The consultation will give us a chance to figure out the best next step for you, even if that step does not include working with me.

One last thing, please pass this message along to other women, wherever they live. I work with women by phone or in person. I’d be happy to return the favor to you!

Wishing you renewed vitality in 2018,

Rosamond Reed Wulsin, MPH, CHC                                                                                                                    Holistic Health and Nutrition Coach                                                                                        www.renewvitality.com                                                                                                                                        Amherst, MA