Nutrition Support

I offer both nutrition consulting and health coaching services. How do you know which is right for you? It depends on the type of support you’re looking for.

If your priority right now is an assessment of your functional health status with nutritional recommendations for you to consider as next steps, in a more streamlined timeframe and format, then an exploratory nutrition consulting package may be the best bet for you.

In fact, I usually recommend one of those options as a minimum starting point for each of my clients.

Read more about Functional Nutrition Consulting here.

However, if you’re looking for nutrition consulting AND you feel ready to engage in a longer process that will enable you to achieve a shift in your symptoms, paving the way for the sustainable change that you crave for your your overall health, then a good fit for you would be a combination of functional nutrition consulting and health coaching.

Read more about Health Coaching here. 

Is nutrition support right for you? Check out this simple questionnaire.

Perhaps you think you’re ready, but you’re unsure which service makes the most sense for you right now?  If so, I can help you figure that out!  Contact me for a free consultation.