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What You Need to Know About The New Smoking

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Recently my ears have been ringing, loudly! I don’t hear household appliances humming in the kitchen the way I used to, or birds chirping outside my window, or even a fly buzzing around my small study. Mostly, I hear a high-pitched, highly annoying, monotone ringing.

During the last few months I, like everyone else, have been straining to function in new ways amidst prolonged constraints related to our coronavirus pandemic and “stay-at-home” regimen. I’d like to share with you a slice of what I’ve been learning from my experience, and why I think that it also applies to you.


You’ve probably heard of the term Electromagnetic Frequencies, or EMFs? In overly simplified terms, they’re invisible, natural or man-made electric and magnetic forces, or fields, of energy.

Natural EMF’s include such phenomena as lightening and the geomagnetic field of the earth that is caused by the earth’s spin. Manmade EMF’s result from electrical wiring, electrical appliances, and wireless technology.

I think the intensified ringing in my ears, known as tinnitus, is related to my increased exposure to man-made EMFs during the last few months. Probably like you, I’ve spent a lot of time on Zoom and other on-line platforms, and my recent symptoms fit some of the classic signs of sensitivity to EMFs.

Though problems related to excessive EMF exposure can show up differently for each person, common problems include dizziness, fatigue, irritability, respiratory and lung issues, sleep disorders, and digestive issues.

These are problems the types of issues that make it difficult to maintain resilient health during our coronavirus pandemic.Which is why I’m bothering to talk about EMFs here.

The new smoking

According to EMF specialist Nicolas Pineault, in terms of human health, EMFs are the new smoking, which is to say that they are considered “perfectly safe” by the biggest companies that finance the development of technologies which radiate EMFs.

No doubt you know that more than 50 years ago, Big Tobacco companies that funded what turned out to be bogus scientific studies tricked society into a false sense of security. It took some 50 years for our government to finally acknowledge and take action to address the early signs that smoking was dangerous.

Today, it appears we face an even bigger threat with EMFs – from radiation emitted by cell phones, cell towers, computers and WiFi routers, Bluetooth devices, smart appliances, and more.

Early warning signs

Many conventional doctors, politicians, and big wireless tech companies still claim that EMFs are safe. However, leading EMF scientists and Functional Medicine MDs have identified early warning signs. Not only are EMFs at the root of a number of health issues, they, like smoking and asbestos, are carcinogenic.

Furthermore, EMF safety standards have not been updated since 1996, when they were developed based on short-term exposure to a single device, such as a cell phone, and not for the multiple “smart” devices used by so many of us today.

The big difference between smoking and EMFs, of course, is that we can choose to avoid smoking cigarettes, cigars, pipes and second-hand smoke. But we have little choice about our exposure to rapidly increasing amounts of EMFs from 2G, 3G, and 4G wireless technology systems in our cities, neighborhoods, and in some cases even our homes.

As you know, we now facing the prospect of a 5G roll-out, which will require tens of millions of new antennas in the US and elsewhere. This 5G system is being implemented without a single biological study to test 5G’s safety for humans, animals, or nature’s ecological systems!

For anyone already experiencing sensitivity to EMFs, that’s a daunting prospect. Even if you do not yet feel their effects, you need to know that EMFs affect everyone in a cumulative manner.

How can we protect ourselves from EMFs?

Fortunately there’s a lot we can each do, if we so choose, to minimize the adverse effects of EMF’s.

I have put together a list of Top 10 Action Steps for minimizing your exposure to unwanted EMF’s at home or in the office. If you’d like a copy, please send me your email address. I’d be happy to send the list to you!

In this post I’d like to share three favorite, nature-oriented tips I’m using to help neutralize the negative effects of EMFs:

1) Bring plants like Peace Lilly into your home or office to counteract positive ions.

2) Light salt lamps or bees wax candles, which are also effective against those ions.

3) Enjoy “earthing,” or “grounding” by walking barefoot on soil, grass or sand. If that  isn’t possible, try immersing your hands in grass or soil. Even a few minutes of contact with the earth can help eliminate the ambient voltage of common electricity power sources and reconnect you with the earth’s natural frequency!

I urge you, for the sake of your hearing and long-term health, to take measures now to reduce and counteract your overall EMF “smoking” exposures.

If you’d like to talk about how EMF’s are impacting your health, or if you’d like a copy of my list of Top 10 EMF Action Steps, please let me know. You may reach me through my website,


Sources: 1. Lloyd Burrell, EMF Practical Guide , 2019; 2. Nicolas Pineault,; 3. Moscowitz, Joel M., 2019,

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