Nutrition Consulting


I offer four levels of nutrition consulting.

I.  Free Consultation — This is where you begin. I offer a 30-45 minute call to help with figuring out whether what I offer would benefit you at this point in your health journey. We’ll talk briefly about your health concerns, what type of support you are looking for, and questions you may have about my nutrition consulting and health coaching services.

II. Exploratory Session — This single 90-minute session offers a guided opportunity to consider your health concerns, the complexity of your life, and your priorities and options for healing. The session includes simple, engaging activities and discussion to help you identify what you want as your next step to help you with your health journey.

The Exploratory Session, which can be selected as a stand-alone service, would be a good fit for you if you know you want to change something about your health but you are not yet sure what that might involve or just how much you’re ready to take on. The session is designed to help you gain clarity about where you want to take your health and how you might do that.

This session can also be used as a starting point for more focused nutrition consulting and health coaching.

III. Functional Nutrition and Health (FN&H) Discovery Package — This service includes at least 3 individual sessions (50-60-minutes) that focus on: 1) understanding and documenting the breadth and specifics of your health-related history, 2) creating a functional nutrition matrix of your health status that you can share with your doctor or other health care providers, and 3) providing functional nutrition recommendations for you to consider going forward.

The Discovery Package provides a snapshot of what’s going on in your body and helps you start to draw connections between your life experiences, lifestyle choices, and the signs and symptoms of your current health condition. This service provides you with tangible documents for future use and initial recommendations for next steps.

The package provides an excellent foundation for starting to achieve your health goals, whether or not you choose to apply it towards a longer-term period of functional nutrition and health coaching support with me.

IV. Functional Nutrition and Health Coaching Support — On-going coaching support for functional nutrition and overall health provides thoughtful, heart-centered guidance and dynamic partnership for the purpose of creating sustainable change. This level of service starts with the FN&H Discovery Package and includes 2-4 individual coaching sessions per month, plus email support between sessions, relevant resources and information, and step-wise plans for reaching health goals.

Most of my coaching clients opt for six or more months of support.  Research studies, and the experience of many different types of coaches, suggests that it takes at least that long  to replace old habits with new, lasting practices.

That said, some clients, can only manage three months of coaching support, which is enough to start shifting symptoms.

Read more about health coaching and my approach to working with clients.

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